Specifying Horses and Races:

  • Horses are identified by saddlecloth number, not by name.

  • Clients are responsible for their selections of both horse and race numbers.


  • All Exacta, Trifecta, Superfecta, Quinella, Win, Place and Show bets that include the scratched horse will be refunded. Only the portion of combos that include said horse will be refunded.

  • Scratches involving multiple race wagers (pick 3s, 4s and 6s) are subject to the host tracks official rules. A horse scratching does not refund these ticket parts automatically. Winning tickets for multiple race wagers are refunded to your account based on the official result decreed by the host track where the race took place. It is customary for said runners to be included with the winning horse if, and only if, the race is won by the post time favorite. In the event that a horse is scratched in a multiple race wager, and it is not in the first leg, the track will give you the post time favorite or the consolation. The decision is left to the host track.

  • If a horse is a late scratch and the host track pays out consolations, we will also pay the same consolations. If the host track deems a scratch as a full refund, we will also refund any parts of multiple horse combinations accordingly.

  • Daily Double Wagers

  • If the runner selected in the first leg of the Daily Double is a scratch, tickets will be refunded automatically.

  • Daily Double tickets are paid out based on the official result decreed by the host track where the race took place. For example, if a horse is scratched during the second leg of a daily double event and the host track pays a consolation, we will also pay the consolation. If the host track does not pay consolations for whatever reason, we will not pay consolations either.

  • Please contact Customer Service for a refund in the event that an entry is not calculated correctly.

Horsebook wager types

No matter how you like to bet, we offer your preferred wagering method! If you are not clear on how any one of these wager types work, please give us a call or send us an email.

We will be happy to help you.

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